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Mar 15

The inconsistencies of shipping is amazing. My iPad 2 left China on March 13 and arrive in Salem, MA before noon on March 15. My Smart Cover left PA (only a 6 hour drive away) on March 11 and still hasn’t arrived.

Feb 11

Using iPhone 4 hotspot checking email from my laptop. Skyping on the iPhone at the same time. Wonder if Skype bandwidth counts towards my hotspot plan or 3G data plan.

Dec 28


Dec 23

The Great Escape was Great

Last night my wife and I had dinner at the Great Escape restaurant here in Salem. The food was outstanding. We ordered the appetizer special, which was tomatoes topped with fresh mozzarella cheese and shrimp. The shrimp was freakin’ awesome. So tasty. My wife and I kept asking each other, “How did they make the shrimp taste so good?”

For dinner I had the Calabrese, which is chicken with Italian sausage in a marsala glaze. I love marsala but have always hated mushrooms. Guess what? No mushrooms in this dish. It’s like they read my mind. And oh was it tasty. I licked the plate clean.

My wife had the Genovese, which is fresh scallops in a pesto cream sauce with pappardelle pasta. Her meal was equally as good as mine. In fact, I couldn’t stop sneaking bites from her plate.

When we go out to dinner, I like to figure out who got the best meal. I couldn’t do that last night because both dishes were incredible.

My only complaint about Great Escape is the copy in the menu. Most of the dish descriptions lack commas. For example, the Alcatraz reads “Breaded chicken breast with shrimp asparagus in a creamy Dijon mustard sauce, served with roasted potatoes.” I asked the waitress about the lack of commas. Her reaction led me to believe I wasn’t the first to ask about it. And I wasn’t the first to ask, “What is shrimp asparagus?” I honestly thought it was baby-size, or miniature asparagus.

Overall, we had a great time at Great Escape. The food was delicious, and the staff was super friendly. We’re looking forward to returning soon, and I can’t wait until the outdoor patio area, which I’m told seats 40, opens when the weather warms up in the spring/summer.

Dec 22

Less than an hour to setup multiple blog sites using wordpress 3. Five hours tracking down why uploaded images would not display. Turned out wp-admin > Network gave me the wrong rewrite rule for the files directory. I posted my solution here.

Dec 14

I need to use my tumblr account more often. Maybe I’ll do that later.

Nov 03

I’m not a fan of Xcode iOS templates. I use Windows-based App for new projects & Obj-C class derived from NSObject for new classes. Saves me time and I can use my own structure without a lot of deleting and cut pasting.

Nov 02

At, Sade in concert is bigger news then SF Giants winning the World Series.

At, Sade in concert is bigger news then SF Giants winning the World Series.

Oct 28

Way to go @VMware. After being a loyal customer since 2003, you may have lost me as customer. Your products are great but your customer service sucks. For months you have emailed me telling me to renew my VMware Fusion subscription. After many failed attempt to renew, I finally talked to someone today on the phone who politely told me VMware Fusion subscriptions are not renewable. I feel mislead and ripped off by VMware, and I will unlikely give VMware any more of my money.

Oct 20

I know many computer nerds who have never bought and downloaded software online. The Mac App Store could change this, encouraging many more people to buy 3rd desktop software.