My wife couldn’t log into her online account. She didn’t know her password. I helped by correctly guessing her password on the first attempt. Not sure what to make of that.

Worst part of speaking early on the 1st day of a conference? Speaking early on the 1st day. Best part of speaking early on the 1st day? Speaking early on the 1st day.

Having a pre-Rowan Sunday, sitting on the couch with the laptop in hand and the SyFy channel on. Haven’t watched SyFy since the SciFi days. These days our TV only shows Curious George, Cars, Backyardigans, and Thomas the Tank Engine.

I tweeted earlier that I’ve been forgetful today, which is not typical of me. Sure, I forget to do things from time to time, but I rarely forget to bring things. Today has made up for years of not forgetting.

It started 45 minutes into my drive when I realized I left my MBP power supply at home. I had to, of course, turn around and return home. An hour and a half of driving wasted. What else did I forget and didn’t pick up when I returned home?

* Gloves, thermal underwear, long sleeve shirt, and other warm clothing needed to camp out on a 30 degree (Fahrenheit) night. The camping portion of this trip is now canceled.

* Matches to light the pack stove.

* Charger for my phone.

* Left my wallet in the car only to discover it missing when I tried buying groceries.

I’m sure I’ll find more things missing by tomorrow morning.

Last night I joked about using HTML, JavaScript and UIWebView for a breadcrumb feature in an iPad app. It actually turned out nice. Each crumb is a hyperlink that when touched pops view controllers from a navigation controller. I’ll try my best to write up a blog about the approach soon.

I’m becoming disillusioned hosting open source projects. Too many feature requests and edge case bugs with little to no community contribution. I wish I had all the free time in the world to make everyone happy, adding features and fixing that bug that effect only one person. But I struggle to find enough time to work on my own business much less provide constant support for my free contributions to the community. As @casademora said in a tweet yesterday, “if some open source software doesn’t do exactly what you want, *you* can modify it and contribute back to benefit everyone.”

Yes, I’m feeling very negative today. And it doesn’t help that the Apple made a minor change to the Sales and Trends reporting that broke my daily sales report download script. Hard to stay positive with a flow of emails saying the script is broken and asking for a fix.

I kayaked through some of the largest waves I’ve ever had to paddle though. My spray skit did an outstanding job of keeping me dry, but it didn’t do the same for my phone. The water proof pocket on my spray skit leaked in water - I’m guessing through the zip - leaving my phone in water for a couple of hours. The phone now turns on but is reporting an error. Luckily it was not my iPhone, just the phone I use every day for phone calls. So if you are trying to reach me by phone, try again later. I’ll likely be without an phone for a few days.

Had a great time at tonight’s CocoaHeads Boston. Got a sneak peek at CloudPull, a backup service for Google Docs, and learned that the MIT iPhone app is going open source. Plus lots of other conversations including Apple’s announcements today and how alcohol warms your body.

Let me clarify my tweet about the rotation issue in my app that I can recreate using the iPad case. The case isn’t causing the issue. It’s the angle of the device when I fold the case as a stand that allows me to easily recreate the rotation problem. I’m finding some funky ways to screw up rotations in apps, including my own, by doing a combination of rotating the device and laying it flat or almost flat. Fun stuff.

Every time Ira Subaru does something to piss me off, which is rare, they not only fix the problem, they go above and beyond. They definitely know how to keep me as a customer.